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wc 6th November


                                                   Sparkfish Christmas Experience

We are delighted to have arranged for Year 2 to attend the Christmas Experience hosted by Sparkfish at Reigate Park Church on Monday 27th November. This is a wonderful immersive event where the children will journey through the Nativity story, meeting characters and asking questions along the way. This supports their learning in RE, and is a trip to remember! We will be travelling by coach to and from the venue - with thanks to Sparkfish for providing this with no cost to the school. The children will come to school as usual in their uniforms and school shoes, but please ensure they have a coat!


Dragonflies will have their experience 12:45-13:45

Honeybees will be attending 13:45-14:45


We aim to be back for the end of the school day to tell you all about it.

As with all trips, if your child has a music lesson during time, please let the music teacher know to rearrange.


Our class reps will be in touch requesting volunteers to help with this trip and we are so grateful for your support.


Best wishes,

Mrs Andrew, Miss Crowe & Miss Rossi