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How Christian and/or family values can be linked to IT : Tech-Wise presentation.

How the school Christian values were linked to / supported by IT and how family’s values could be support by IT



In 2021-2022 the faith team was pondering how IT could help families understand the school Christian values and also how IT could help families shape and develop their own family values.


We wanted to see if IT could help families and their values and not seen as a hinderance.


We wanted to see that whilst IT devices (phones, app, TV, games consoles, WiFi etc) are used a lot in homes that they do not “rule the roost” but are made to fit the values families have, i.e. no phones at the dinner table.

We wanted to support and even illuminate that IT could be an enabler and not always seen in the negative.

Richard, the vicar at St Mary’s and member of the faith team led on this and put together a presentation. Working alongside the Parish School, Richard is running a 'Tech-wise Family' session on Monday 7th February, along with Martin Hetherington (Head of Upper School at Reigate Grammar). Based on a great resource by Andy Crouch, the session is aimed at helping us think through how to put digital technology in its proper place in the lives of our families. Great for parents with children of all ages. Martin will share his experience of how technology and mobile phones impact relationships and behaviour of the next generation.  

The presentation was available to teachers, families at St Mary’s and school parents in February 2022. 


A quote from a staff member was this:


“To hear you talk about the book and your own experiences coupled with hear from Martin was really dynamic. We learnt a lot and feel better equipped to walk with Thomas as he (and our family) explore technology and how it fits into our family values. Gary and I already talked about our “dream” and have these four words which we’ll share with Thomas and get his input: resilience, talk, God (in the centre), memories, kindness.”


The presentation is accessed by clicking here.


The session is based on the work of Andy Crouch and you can buy his book 'The Tech-wise Family' clicking here. 

His second book, written with his adult daughter, (My Tech-wise Life) is good too.  Find it by clicking here