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Spring term (2) 2024

w/c 18th March 2024


South Park Football Club are giving away free tickets to their final home games this season. If you are interested, please come into the school office and we will let you have some tickets.



w/c 11th March 2024



w/c 4th March 2024




Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                         9th February 2024


We all know how important it is for children to learn how to read. In school, reading is taught daily to the class. The children are taught phonics and spellings, and regularly the teacher will read an engaging book to the whole class with the intention of promoting a love of reading for pleasure.


Current expectations for supporting your child:

In KS1 and Reception, communication with a child’s class teacher about reading is done in the Reading Journal.


In KS2, children have been expected to use the guided questions in the KS2 diary to record responses when reading, at least three times a week.  


Updated advice and expectations:

We are updating our advice and practice with regards to the recording of reading at home.


From Monday 19th February, we do not expect parents to make a comment in the KS1 Reading Journal or KS2 Diary. This is so that the focus for parents is to listen to their child read, model reading and promote reading for pleasure. If you or your child would still like to write something because the routine has been working for your family, then do so. The comprehension questions in the diary and guidance for supporting your child with reading, are still valuable tools for use at home, if you want to. The journal and diary will stay at home.  


This change will also mean adults in school will have more available time to support with listening to children read. Each week, adults spend about 30-50 minutes looking through the journals and initialling. Instead, that 30-50 minutes will be spent listening to children read which will help children be better at their reading.


It remains school’s intention that reading should be an enjoyable and positive experience. Adults in school are always delighted to hear when parents and children have talked about the book they are reading together. A child develops as a reader, when reading is modelled to them, and they are provided with time to read to an adult.


Our commitment to the teaching of reading has not changed because we know what a critical skill it is for all children to be able to read with confidence, enjoyment and to understand what they have read.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Frances Davis





Dear parents and carers of Dolphins, Turtles and Jaguars,


We have made a change to morning drop off. KS2 children will enter school through the main door to the junior block or the rear fire exit by RGS, not ground floor classroom doors.


If you need to speak to a class teacher, then please send them an email or see them at pickup. Both doors are supervised by staff, so children are safe in school.


Kind regards,

Mrs Saunders.


Jo Saunders

Dolphins Teacher and KS2 Phase Leader




w/c 26th February 2024




Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                           29th  February 2024


I have some news about Mrs Kennedy, who is on a year-long sabbatical studying a Masters in nutrition and genetics at a nearby university. So, Mrs Kennedy has not been working in school this year and Mrs Molica, as you will be aware, has taken on the role of being my deputy headteacher.


Mrs Kennedy is enjoying her Masters course with all the new learning and you can imagine finding it very different to leading a school with me.


Mrs Kennedy has come to the hard decision to resign from Reigate Parish and to leave the school at the end of this academic year in July. Mrs Kennedy joined Reigate Parish over 10 years ago and has been influential in all that the school has done and achieved.


I want to say a big “thank you” to Mrs Kennedy for all she has accomplished for school and for our children, and I know parents will want to say their thanks to her as well. School will be arranging a number of events in the summer term to say thank you for all that Mrs Kennedy has done, led and achieved and nearer the time, we will email the details out as to how you can get involved.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Frances Davis