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Our Christian Distinctiveness

Reigate Parish Church Primary School is a voluntary aided school. We are the church school for St Mary’s Church, Reigate. We are also a Surrey maintained school, meaning we are not an academy or in an academy trust.


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All Children reach to achieve their best.

Attached are the Reigate Parish Church School Vision, Values and Aims. 

The Prayer Group

The prayer  group meets in person on the last Thursday of every month, to pray for the school, the staff, the parents, the community and the wider world.  The meeting dates for the term are publicised in the  weekly Parish Post and parents and staff are welcome to come and pray for 20 minutes.

Through the school’s vision and practice,

the school is living to its foundation as a church school and is enabling its pupils and adults to flourish.


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The Faith Team

At Reigate Parish there is an active Faith Team made up of the headteacher, foundation governors and RE and collective worship leaders.


Click on the links below to read about the projects they have been involved with over the years to develop and improve the Christian distinctiveness of our school: