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Headteacher's Introduction

Welcome from the Headteacher, 

Mrs Frances Davis.


Welcome to our school; Reigate Parish Church Primary School.


Everyone in our school works very hard every day to consistently deliver outstanding learning opportunities for all children, in order that our vision comes true that “all children reach to achieve their best”.


We hold children at the heart of everything we do.


What makes us different and a very special place is numerous (do come and visit us). Teachers know their children as individuals and plan lessons accordingly so in every lesson, all children make progress, whether it’s a maths, PE or an Art lesson.


Every class has a teaching assistant who is there, with the teacher, to help children learn.


We have a very creative and engaging curriculum and children tell us all the time, that teachers make lessons very interesting.


We want all our children every year to make good attainment and progress in reading, writing and maths.


As a Church of England school our Christian distinctiveness and Christian values are critical and they are woven into everything we do, the atmosphere we have in school and the relationships that exist between staff and children. We deliver high quality collective worship every day and teach excellent RE lessons. Our children have a really good understanding of Christianity and of the other main World religions and they talk with confidence about what they know.


The arts, humanities, sport, PSHE, computing and science (called foundation subjects) are of equal importance to us as are the core subjects of reading, writing and maths. Teachers take great care planning the foundation subjects and children make great progress and attainment.


We diligently pay great care to nurture, develop and help children with their self-confidence, resilience, tenacity and keenness to tackle a challenge.


We work in genuine partnership with our parents, the school governors execute their responsibilities with rigour and relationships in school are strong.


We are all proud to deliver an outstanding education, as identified by Ofsted in June 2019 and SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) in May 2018, to all the children who attend Reigate Parish.