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Collective Worship




          Governors’ Monitoring Record for 2023-2024

To observe collective worship


On three occasions, collective worship was led by 3 different members of staff


I really enjoyed observing the children engaging with Collective Worship and it certainly inspired some reflection and fresh energy in me.


What we saw and learnt (monitoring)

The theme for collective worship during the week of the visit was the theme of confidence.  This was clearly explained through a definition of the word and illustrated during all three worships attended through linkages to specific references to the Bible as well as through illustrations and examples presented on each day.


The children were noisy and enthusiastic on entering the Hall, which brings a great energy to the start of the day.  They were then respectful in being quiet and listening to the worships.  In all sessions observed, children participated with several offering up ideas and answers to questions.  The prayers were spoken confidently and enthusiastically.


The worship was supervised by staff with each class led in by their class teacher.  Staff were appropriately engaged in listening to the content of the worship whilst also ensuring appropriate discipline in the room.


The worship was supported by some children helping set up the room with chairs and benches, as well as helping with using the IT equipment for the slides and turning on the music at the end of the worship.


As part of the visits, I asked a small number of children about the worship and the response was always that they enjoyed helping and were clear that the theme of the week was confidence.


Evaluation / analysis

The content presented had variety during the week and used simple visuals such as using 3 candles to demonstrate the Holy Trinity and building blocks to illustrate the theme of confidence.  Moreover, this was complemented by thoughtful messages and several excerpts of text from the Bible, which appeared to offer a healthy amount of challenging learning to the school.


Spiritual development was evident in the link to Christianity but also there was acknowledgement and respect for other beliefs.  The theme of confidence and having faith in others also aids social development.


1-2 recommendations


To consider whether having some of the powerpoint slides used in the presentation printed and put up on noticeboards through the school would assist with reinforcement of the messages.


To consider whether reference could be made to the music played at the end of the worship to encourage the children to listen to the words while they wait to leave the Hall.