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Parental consents and signing up on Arbor

Parental consents and signing up on Arbor


There will be occasions during your child’s time at RPCPS where we will require parental consent. To enable us to act efficiently without contacting you on each occasion, we would appreciate your consent for various activities. Parents can provide these consents easily through Arbor.


As a Church of England school, RPCPS is part of the wider Christian community and the school benefits from strong links with the local parish church of St Mary’s Church and the support of the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education. We value the successful partnership between the school, the church and the parents and the Home School Agreement supports this partnership in the interests of our children.


We would also appreciate parents updating the ethnic background section within a student’s profile on Arbor to indicate the ethnic background of your child/ren.


There are nine consents/agreements/updates we would like parents to address:

  • Change of clothes
  • Class photos
  • Internal photograph
  • Website photographs
  • Online Safety
  • Local visits
  • Rules of responsible information technology (IT) use
  • Home School Agreement
  • Ethnic background section


1. Change of Clothes

There are occasions when children need to have their clothes changed (e.g., toileting incident, wet weather etc.) following school procedures.


By consenting to this on Arbor you are agreeing that if necessary, your child can have their clothes changed by a member of staff.


2. Consent to class photograph

By consenting to this on Arbor you are agreeing that your child can be in the whole class photo, which will not be shared online, on Google Classroom or in the Parish Post.


3. Consent to internal photographs

We need your signed permission to include your child in any internal photographs.


By consenting to this on Arbor you are agreeing that your child can be in internal school photos, these will not be shared online, on Google Classroom or in the Parish Post.


4. Consent to website photographs

By consenting to this on Arbor you are agreeing that your child can be included in school website photographs. They will often be in groups and names will not be displayed.


5. Online Safety Parental Consent

As a parent or legal guardian, by consenting to this section on Arbor, you are granting permission for your daughter/son to have access to use the Internet, school email system, learning platforms and other IT facilities at school. You understand that Reigate Parish Church Primary School will take reasonable precautions to ensure the suitability of materials and that suitable guidance and supervision will be provided during access to the Internet.


By providing your consent on Arbor, you are accepting that the school cannot be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed through the Internet and mobile technologies, but you understand the school will take every reasonable precaution to keep pupils safe and prevent pupils from accessing inappropriate materials. These steps include using an educationally filtered service, restricted access email, employing appropriate teaching practice and teaching online safety skills to pupils.  


You understand that the school can check your child’s computer files and Internet sites they visit, and that if school have concerns about your child’s online safety or online behaviour you will be contacted.


As a parent you are also acknowledging that the school is not liable for any damages arising from your child’s use of the Internet facilities.


You will support the school by promoting safe use of the Internet and digital technology at home and will inform the school if you have any concerns over my child’s online safety.


By providing your consent on Arbor you are confirming you have discussed the online safety rules with your daughter/son and they agree to follow these and to support the safe and responsible use of the internet and technology at Reigate Parish Church Primary School.


6. Local Visits 

We often take children out on local visits in connection with work in the school. Local means in and around the Reigate area e.g., shops, local streets, Reigate town centre, Reigate Priory Park, St Mary’s church, other local churches and schools in walking distance.  Such visits would be on foot and would have the requisite regulation staff supervision and cover. For any other visits that involve transportation, you will be notified separately with details and a consent form.


By consenting to this on Arbor you are agreeing to your child being involved in local visits and understand that you will not be expected to give your consent for each individual visit. If you have already consented to this in previous years, it will have been carried over from the old system (SIMS).


7. Rules for Responsible information technology (IT) Use

In school we have IT equipment and our computers, laptops, chromebooks and ipads are installed with internet access to help with learning. The following rules will keep the children safe and help them to be fair to others and look after the school’s resources. They will be displayed in all classrooms at an age- appropriate level and discussed with your child at the appropriate time whilst at Reigate Parish Church Primary School. We ask that you support us in this by consenting to the below.


The Rules: 

  • There must be permission of a parent or carer before Internet access will be allowed.
  • There is no access to the Internet without supervision by a member of staff.
  • The work/activity on the Internet must be related to schoolwork. Private use of the Internet in school is strictly forbidden.
  • Users must not disclose any password or 'login' name they have been given to anyone.
  • Users must not give personal information such as names, addresses or telephone numbers of any person over the Internet.
  • Under no circumstances, should any material that is likely to be unsuitable for children and schools be viewed, uploaded or downloaded. This applies to any material of a violent, dangerous, racist or inappropriate sexual content.
  • The school can view any material stored on the school’s computer or on disks used on the school’s computers.


By consenting to this on Arbor you are agreeing that your child will follow these rules and you will help them look after the school’s resources and keep them safe when using the internet.


Failure to comply with these rules will result in one or more of the following:

  • A ban, temporary or permanent, on the use of the Internet facilities at school.
  • A letter informing the child’s parents of the nature and breach of rules.
  • Appropriate sanctions and restrictions placed on access to school facilities.
  • Any other actions decided by the Head and Governors of Reigate Parish Church Primary School


8. Home School Agreement

Please refer to the Home School Agreement under this main page.


By consenting to this on Arbor you are signing up to everything stated in the Home School Agreement.


9. Ethnic Background Record Form (based on National Population Census ethnic categories)


Our ethnic background describes how we think of ourselves. However, ethnic background is not the same as nationality or country of birth.


Please complete this section within student profile on Arbor to indicate the ethnic background of your child/ren.


(These statistics are passed to the Local Education Authority and the Department for Education (DfE) to contribute to local and national statistics. The information will also be passed on to future schools, to save it having to be asked for again. However, this information will not allow individual pupils to be identified publicly.)



Accepting or declining your consents and home school agreement in Arbor

Please now logon to Arbor, complete the consents and sign up to the Home School Agreement.


Those that are requiring your consent for the first time will be listed under notices. Double click on each consent and you will be given the option to accept or decline. If you choose to decline, please can you add a comment so the school can see your reason for doing do.



Once you have accepted or declined you can see an overview by clicking on the “View student profile” button and scrolling down to the “Consents” section.


For parents in year 1 and above you may notice consents listed in your child’s Arbor profile that are not referred to in this document, e.g. sex education, internet access. Please ignore these as they have been transferred into Arbor from the old system (SIMS). They are obsolete and no longer valid but we are unable to delete them in Arbor.


“Local visits” is the only consent carried over from SIMS into Arbor that is still valid, so the system will show if you have already provided this consent.