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Staff list

Role NameEmail
HeadteacherMrs Davis 
Deputy HeadteacherMrs Mollica 
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinatorMrs
Special Educational Needs AdminMrs
Reception TeacherMiss
Reception TeacherMrs
Reception TeacherMrs
Year 1 TeacherMrs
Year 1 TeacherMiss
Year 2 TeacherMrs
Year 2 TeacherMiss
Year 2 TeacherMiss
Year 3 TeacherMrs
Year 3 TeacherMrs
Year 4 TeacherMrs
Year 4 TeacherMrs
Year 5 TeacherMrs
Year 5 TeacherMs
Year 6 TeacherMr
Year 6 TeacherMr
Early years and KS1 phase leadMrs
KS2 phase leadMrs
1:1 TeacherMrs
PE TeacherMrs
Role Name RoleName
Emotional Learning Support AssistantMrs Day Teaching Assistant - Year RMrs Young
Emotional Learning Support AssistantMrs Lewis Teaching Assistant - Year RMrs Goddard
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Bentley Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Adamson
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Boardman Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Smith
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Chowdhury Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Musiychuk
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Christian Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Golliker
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Clark Teaching Assistant - Year 2Mrs Talmey
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Collman Teaching Assistant - Year 2Mrs Prestwood
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Compton Teaching Assistant - Year 2Mrs Hutchinson
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Deane Teaching Assistant - Year 3Mrs Lu
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Eggleton Teaching Assistant - Year 3Mrs de Winton
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss Gill Teaching Assistant - Year 4Mrs Mackrell
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Keeley Teaching Assistant - Year 4Mrs O'Flynn
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Vicente Teaching Assistant - Year 5Mrs Rughani
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Salter Teaching Assistant - Year 5Mrs Barkwith
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss Allin Teaching Assistant - Year 6Mrs Lavelle
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Boardman Teaching Assistant - Year 6 Mrs Louis Jean
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss Ives Teaching Assistant - Year 6 Mrs Speke
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss Kirby   
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss Murphy Role Name
   Senior Midday SupervisorMrs Collick
Role Name Midday SupervisorMrs Adamson
School Business ManagerMrs Bowen Midday SupervisorMrs Begum
OfficeMrs Le Quelenec Midday SupervisorMrs Elliot
OfficeMrs Lucz Midday SupervisorMrs Lavelle
OfficeMrs Pillinger Midday SupervisorMrs Lecca
Facilities & Operations ManagerMrs Glover Midday SupervisorMrs Maloncha
Headteacher's PAMrs Shaw Midday SupervisorMrs Pedley
Clerk To Governors'Mrs Claire Tait Midday SupervisorMrs Powell
Site ManagerMr Lockheart Midday SupervisorMrs Sahoo 
   Midday SupervisorMrs Upadhyay
Role Name Midday SupervisorMrs Vieria
Breakfast Club ManagerMrs Collman   
Breakfast ClubMr Adam Role Name
Breakfast ClubMrs Bently Teachers planning coverMrs Mackrell
Breakfast ClubMr Saunders Teachers planning coverMrs Lu
Breakfast ClubMiss Scott Teachers planning coverMrs Wilford

Employee Salary Information (earning over £100k per annum)


Maintained schools are now required to publish salary information on any employee earning over £100,000 per annum.


All staff employed directly by the school are paid in accordance with the School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document (STPD) or National Joint Council (NJC) Terms & Conditions (support staff).  All salary levels are determined and reviewed annually by the Pay Committee of the Board of Governors.


Please click here to review the DofE schools financial benchmarking service.


There are no union officials in our staff team requiring time off for their duties.


Please see below the numbers of employees earning over £100,000 per annum:

Remuneration Band (£)        Employees Earning over £100k

£100,000                                 0