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Premises Hire

Cost and dimensions

The school has a variety of facilities that can be hired for private events or by organisations/clubs.

  • smaller infant hall (£18/hour)
  • larger junior hall (£25/hour)
  • classrooms including the DT room (£15/hour)
  • studio (£17 hour)
  • playground (£12/hour)
  • MUGA (£28/hour)


Below are the dimensions of both halls:

Junior hallLength17M / 55.10ft
 Width10.5M / 34.8ft
 Height4.5M / 14.10ft
Infant hallLength10.8M / 36ft
 Width9.5M / 31.2ft
 Height5.42M / 18ft


It is also possible to hire combinations of areas together:

  • smaller infant hall and playground together (£25/hour)
  • larger junior hall and playground together (£32/hour)
  • smaller infant hall and MUGA together (£41/hour)
  • larger junior hall and MUGA together (£48/hour)


There are several additional costs that should be taken into consideration:

  • 15% insurance (based only on the cost of the total number of hours hired and if you don't already have it through your organisation, usually only required for private hires).
  • £21 opening and closing fee which goes directly to the caretaker if your hire is out of his contractual hours/at the weekend. If the school happens to be already open when you start your hire you will only be charged half this amount.
  • Depending on the type of hire, either a £50 refundable deposit (for one off hires) or £100 refundable deposit (for regular hires) which will be returned within 3 working days of the hire or at the end of the hire period.

Lettings Policy

Please refer to the school calendar to check availability of premises to hire - filter by premises hire category.

Please check the calendar for availability:

Application form

Having referred to the premises hire calendar, price list and lettings policy, if you would like to proceed with making a booking please complete the above application form and email to:

We generally advise you hiring the premises for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your hire to allow you time to setup/clear away.


Once the application form has been received, you will be invoiced which will detail payment details. It is only on receipt of payment that the booking can be considered confirmed.

Premises hire

Please contact the premises hire manager using the below form with any further queries.