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RPCPS Breakfast Club

In order to attend the RPCS Breakfast club you must register your child.  It is possible to register and book sessions at the same time. Please register by completing and sending back the below form:

Payment policy and process

Before booking Breakfast Club sessions your child/ren please ensure you have read the payment policy:


Please complete and return the booking form to or post in the school post-box for the attention of Juanita Collman to secure a place at Breakfast Club indicating the days and hours you need.


Payments can only be made by bank transfer or childcare vouchers. Ideally payment should be made for the whole half term, or longer, but we can accept monthly or weekly payments. Children will not be admitted unless bookings and payment have been received by the previous Friday.


If you choose not to use a booked place at Breakfast Club for any reason, we will be unable to give a refund due to pre-planned staff ratios according to bookings made, which will need to be maintained. The only exception to this rule is if we have to send a class home to self-isolate. In this instance a credit will be given for future use. We are unable to give refunds as food and staff costs have to be met. Any overpayment will be credited to your account.


Breakfast will be a bag with a brioche, Frube type yogurt and piece of fruit.




· From 7.15 am - £8.00

including breakfast

· From 7.30 am - £6.00

including breakfast

· From 7.45 am - £5.00

including breakfast

· From 8.00 am - £4.00

including breakfast

· From 8.15 am - £3.00

excluding breakfast

· From 8.30 am - £2.00

excluding breakfast


*There is an opportunity to arrive at 7:00, but this needs to be arranged with and agreed by Juanita.


All payment must be received in advance.  Your child will not be able to attend if payment is not received by the Friday before each week.


Please make all payments to:


Sort code 40-38-10

Account number: 51178024

Account name: Reigate Parish Church School

Child/ren’s name as a reference