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Courageous Advocacy

What is Courageous Advocacy?

Courageous advocacy means speaking up for what is right and fair, even when it might be hard or scary. It's standing up for someone who needs help, like a friend who is being bullied, or taking action to change things that are important, like protecting our environment or helping people who are less fortunate.  It's about being brave, using our voices, and taking action to make the world a better place for everyone.

When children are courageous advocates, they:

  • Are keen to find out about an inequality that is affecting people.
  • Want to find out more about the situation,
  • Need to do something to help and something that makes a difference,
  • Challenge and ask themselves:
    • I really want to do something,
    • I want to understand in detail the situation,
    • I want to bring a positive change that makes a difference because I want the situation to vastly improve.
  • Children:
    • Challenge injustice
    • Look at “why”
    • Want change
  • Speak out
  • Know more
  • Give Help
  • Take action
  • Be brave
  • Make a change for good
  • Make a difference


We are on our journey for children and adults to be courageous advocates.

Our children are passionate to create change.


Watch this space for projects and ideas children in our school are campaigning about.