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60 Children from Year 5 are Courageous Advocates for Comic Relief!! March 2024

Our sale by year 5 girl


For our comic relief sale, we split into different teams to work together on a product. We needed all our secrets of success to work together successfully. We had to prepare, stock, advertise and plan how we would organise our products. 


We were courageous advocates and raised a total of £434.91 to support projects funded by Comic Relief that help people in poverty. This is an important cause because everyone deserves suitable clothes, a safe place to sleep, healthy food and clean water. Well done Year 5!



Our sale by another year 5 girl

Me and my friends got to be in a stall together. We called in 'Charmopia' because we sold loom band bracelets and pom poms that we had been making all week. I really enjoyed it because making bracelets is one of my favourite things. Lots of people brought from our awesome stall and brilliantly we sold out of everything we made. Our whole stall made 129 tokens (which is £64.50) - we are so happy we got to do this and be courageous advocates for Comic Relief! This money will go to people who need it who live in poverty and to children who need our help. 


Year 5's Sale by two year 5 boys

Year 5s sale was a complete success because we were all courageous advocates by selling things that we had made and brought in to sell to other year groups. We raised this money to help those who need it, such as children who have disabilities or who are disadvantaged.