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wc 13th November

Year 5 Life Skills Day on Friday 24th November

We do not need any parent helpers for this day. Children wear school uniform. Children do not need to bring anything extra for the day. 

One of the activities will be food technology where they will chop and cook a vegetable stir fry. We have taken allergies into account. Please speak to your class teacher if you need to provide an update about allergies.


Year 5 Christmas Service at St Mary's Church

Year 5 are leading the Christmas Service on Thursday 14th December. The service starts at 9:30am and will finish at approximately 10:15am.


We will need 2 parent helpers per class to walk with us and we will leave at 9:00am to allow us time to get there and get set up before everyone else.


We will need 2 parents per class to also help walk back to school.

Please let your class rep know if you can help.


We are also in need of 2 parent helpers per class to walk with us to St Marys the day before (13th December) leaving school 9:00am and returning to school for 11:00am. This is for our rehearsal.

Please let your class rep know if you can help.


Christmas Service Information

Some year 5 children will be given a script of lines to learn this Friday 17th November. Please help your child in learning their lines.


If your child does not have a script then they will have a supporting or acting role in the service. All children will be included.


We have asked the children to think about whether they would like to audition to either sing or play a musical instrument (Christmas carol/hymn or Christmas pop song) at the service.


If your child would like to audition, please email a recording of them to your class teacher by Monday 27th November.