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Year 6 WW2 day - May 2021

During the first half of the summer term, the children in Year 6 had to the opportunity to understand the experiences of people who lived during the Second World War. A guest speaker came in and led the children through the history of these events, starting from the rise of Nazi Germany, the expansion across Europe, and the effect it had on life for those back in Britain.


The children had a wonderful time taking part in ‘bomb’ disposal practice, carrying ‘patients’ on stretchers, and learning so many new bits of information about a key moment in our history.

Can they crack the codes? Our pupils set their minds to cracking the mysteries of the enigma machine! 


Things were looking grim – and that’s just the menu! Our pupils looked at how life changed for those across Europe through invasions, rationing and how everyone had their part to play.



What message was coming in in Morse Code?

We’re sure the children didn’t need to send out a …---… to find out!






We’re not sure we’d want a lift from these paramedics! The children raced against each other to get their patients across the hall – by any means necessary!