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Year 6 - Windmill Hill

Year 6
Residential to Windmill Hill
Date June TBC


Why we go?


This year, will be the first full week (4-night) residential. We have chosen Windmill Hill as it has excellent facilities for the Year 6 children to have their final school journey based on pushing themselves and enjoying the outdoor and adventurous activities. The activities will help motivate the children, build the confidence they need to help them transition to secondary and encourage them to do their best.


Some of the activities that are available (which will be chosen in the 8 weeks before we go) include: abseiling, canoeing, fencing, climbing, hiking, orienteering, problem solving, raft building, rifle shooting, tunnel trail and a zip wire.



They will make memories that will last a lifetime on this school journey. The school journey will take place in Summer term 1 (after their SATs week and before their end of year production/church service/leaver’s service).


Total Cost


In the region of £475 but this is to be finalised.



The initial letter is sent in April the year before – full payment by the following April. The trip is in June. TBC.

Possible payment structures


Deposit by end of June £45, then £55 by end of October and then… payment structures were given as follows:

There are three ways in which you can pay off the final balance:

  1. Monthly instalments o £62.50 at end of November, December, January, February, March and April.
  2. 3 payments of £125 at end of December, February and April.
  3. Pay the remaining £375 in one lump sum.


Please click here for further information about Windmill Hill.