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Year 5 Victorian Day - April 2021

 The day consisted of the children being immersed in the ways of Victorian life for children. They were thrown in the deep end of having to see what learning was like in a Victorian classroom back in 1897 (the Jubilee year for Queen Victoria), where they had to be seen and not heard. The children found this very different to learning in our current century.


They were then told everything that they were expected to write down on their slate boards. They took part in short RE, maths and handwriting lessons.


The Year 5 children all dressed up, along with their teachers for the day.



We then learnt about the toys and games that Victorian children would have played with and were able to make our own spinning tops too!



Throughout the morning, we investigated many different artefacts from the Victorian era and had to use the clues to guess what the purpose of each object was.