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Year 5 - Ufton Court



Residential to

Ufton Court



Wednesday 2nd - Friday 4th February 2022



Why we go?


This two-night residential that will take part in the first half of Spring term, links to the children’s learning about the Romans. It is a chance for the children to have a different opportunity than they might have at home – i.e sharing a room, being responsible for the cleanliness of their shared room and being as organised as they can be with their belongings.



During our stay at the centre, the children will participate in lessons about Roman daily life in which detailed and well-run activities are led by their teachers on site. All activities are linked to our own curriculum and the children are given ample opportunity to join in with hands-on experiences, like: Roman cooking, weaving and jewellery making, onegars, mosaics, life in the army and aqueducts.



The trip falls towards the end of our class learning, which means that they can reinforce their understanding of all things Roman and ask any questions they may still have, whilst having fun!


Total Cost


In the region of £230 but this is to be finalised.



TBC - Initial letter goes out the previous June, final payment by the end of the November. The trip is in January.


Possible payment structures


TBC - Initial deposit and first payment by July (£78) then rest by November (£152)