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Year 5

Hello Year 5,


We hope you have had a lovely week, send us an email letting us know what you have been getting up to!


We have uploaded this weeks timetable below and the additional White Rose Maths sheets. 


This week is our second week whole school topic on 'Arctic Adventures!'. For your next Zoom meeting you are researching ships that are used to explore polar regions and then on paper, designing your own ship that will survive in polar conditions! Don't forget to label the key features of your ship and if you want an extension you can build a model of your ship! 


Have a great week, 


Miss Crowe and Mrs Ould-Ameur smiley 

WC 6/07/2020

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WC 29/06/20

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WC 22/06/20

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WC 15/06/20

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WC 8/06/20

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