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Year 4 - High Ashurst



Residential to

High Ashurst



Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th November 2021



Why we go?


The Year 4 School Journey takes place in the Autumn term to link closely with the "Planet Earth" topic. At the start of the school year, the residential aims to further develop class identity, team skills and self-confidence. With all activities taking place outdoors, the trip offers the pupils a variety of experiences in a different type of classroom which they can take with them back to school.



The two-night residential is at the SOLD (Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development) centre "High Ashurst" which is not far from Box Hill, Surrey. It is an extremely popular venue for school groups because of the outdoor activities it can provide including rock climbing, orienteering and woodland skills, as well as bonding experiences to develop team work and self-confidence.



Returning to school, the children will have further developed friendships and teamwork skills. In addition to this, their understanding of the outdoors and environment will have deepened through experiential learning opportunities.


Total Cost





February - Letter and initial deposit
April -  Request for mid payment 

September - Final payment and forms sent out 

Possible payment structures


As above.

Talk to the office if you need to about structuring a different payment plan.

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