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Year 3 - Ufton Court



Residential to

Ufton Court



Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th November 2021



Why we go?


At the start of KS2, a time of transition and change, we believe it is important for children to have many opportunities to make new friends, to get to know each other and to learn to play well together.



The two-night residential will take place in the second half of the Autumn term, once the children have settled into school. We will be going to Ufton Court which is located just outside Reading. The children will be taking part in a number of bonding activities as well as some that are linked with our topic for the Autumn term, ‘Amazing Anglo Saxons’. The activities will include: finding out about the Saxon way of life and their beliefs, visiting a Saxon farm, archery, Saxon games, wattling, a Saxon banquet, a woodland walk and finding out about Viking raids on Saxon villages.



Returning to school, the children will have further developed friendships and teamwork skills. In addition to this, their historical understanding of the Anglo-Saxons will have deepened through experiential learning opportunities, feeding into their literacy and history work.


Total Cost





March - Letter and initial deposit

June- Request for mid payment 

September - Final payment and forms sent out

Possible payment structures


As above.
Ufton Court offer burseries for Pupil Premium children

Talk to the office if you need to request a different payment plan.

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