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Year 1 - Round and round the garden - June 21

Year 1 Summer 1 Immersion Week

Round and Round the Garden


Year 1 launched their Summer term topic ‘Round and Round the Garden’ by becoming green-fingered gardeners. The children had a busy first week immersing themselves in our Garden Centre role play area. They became plant detectives armed with their sticky bracelets ready to explore the school grounds looking for and collecting interesting pieces of wild and garden plants. They used plant identification checklists and magnifying glasses.


They have also listened to and re-enacted the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk and each planted broad beans in compostable plant pots ready to care for them over the coming half term. The children are looking forward to finding out whose beanstalk will be the tallest.


Caterpillar Class nature detectives. Ready to explore the woodland!


Caterpillar children with their sticky bracelets in the woodland.