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World Book Day 2021

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World Book Day this year was amazing! Despite us learning in different places, the whole school community embraced it whole-heartedly. With us all in character, exploring different genres of text, everybody had huge amounts of fun and developed a fantastic love of books! We were all READERS!


  “I am a Reader!”



Drop it and Read!

Travelling between each online classroom to listen to teachers read stories and perform poems

Hearing from peers, a time to talk and share

Dressing up from staff and children

Reading in ‘alternative’ places

World Book Day assembly and Mrs Saunders in rhyme

The Masked Reader

Writing inspired by reading

Hearing and watching many poets perform their poems online

Blackout Poetry

A flavour of the day from a few classes:


The children in Panda class loved sharing their costumes during the morning, their own chance to shine and show off who their favourite character was, with some even getting into character when sharing. For example, we had Dobby from Harry Potter keeping his character for all of our online lessons and the rest of the class giggled with joy, we also had Ron who spoke so very like the Ron in the book.         


The children shared their favourite books in four sentences and they all listened carefully to others too.


Later on in the morning, the children were able to watch the masked reader video and had so much fun guessing who was who as each clip started. We scored 32/32!!


In Dolphin class, we began World Book Day by launching our focus book ‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown.



Before offering any information, we shared the front cover and blurb which led to a discussion about what might happen. Children then created mind-maps with their predictions, thinking specifically about setting, character and plot. Children listened to the first part of the book, comparing it with their predictions. Using the plot to inspire them, they created a list describing the adventures they would go on if they were ‘Flat Stanley’. The children enjoyed using their imagination to think of as many different ideas as possible.


Children also had the opportunity to do some virtual ‘speed dating’, sharing their favourite book with the whole class and convincing their peers to read it. Children then noted down a new book which they would like to go and read.


Children had the chance to choose from 3 book covers and decide which one to listen to, joining the respective virtual classroom to hear teachers read. The children loved the choosing aspect of this and the opportunity to explore something new.


The Masked Reader