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The Secret Garden! (W/B 20th & 27th April)

Welcome to the Summer Term! We have prepared a nature-loving topic theme for you to explore called "The Secret Garden!" It's all about discovering the secret life of our great outdoors! From plants, life-cycles and the seasons to getting imaginative as you design (perhaps even make!) your own secret gardens.

We wonder what you will find behind the secret door… Enter if you dare!

There are lots of learning activities for you to explore and extra resources saved below! We recommend the BBC Bitesize Website for this theme – it’s really informative and full of facts, clips and quizzes! KS1  KS2


Oh… and we thought it would be great to have a little inter-class competition! A sunflower has been planted for each class in the school and the race is on to see which will grow the tallest! We will keep you posted…


Go go grow! We be-leaf in you!

From the teachers x

Looking for something to read?

Animal Weekly Personal Challenge!


Vegetables are absolutely great.
It’s good to see some __________ on your plate.
Crunch, crunch, crunch,
Munch, munch, munch,
Part of a super healthy lunch.
Vegetables are absolutely great!