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Introduction to the staff.  (updated 15/10/2021)

Role Name Role Name
HeadteacherMrs Davis Teaching Assistant - ReceptionMrs Goddard
Deputy HeadteacherMrs Kennedy Teaching Assistant - ReceptionMrs Whittaker

Senior Special Educational Needs


Mrs Molica Teaching Assistant - ReceptionMrs Young
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinatorMrs Eldred Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Hird
   Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Lu
Role Name Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Wilford
Reception TeacherMrs Menary Teaching Assistant - Year 1Mrs Smith
Reception TeacherMrs Wantenaar Teaching Assistant - Year 2Mrs Hutchinson
Year 1 TeacherMiss Birchard Teaching Assistant - Year 2Mrs Prestwood
Year 1 TeacherMrs Stow Teaching Assistant - Year 2Ms Talmey
Year 1 TeacherMrs Jagtiani Teaching Assistant - Year 3Mrs De Winton
Year 2 TeacherMiss Wallace Teaching Assistant - Year 3Mrs Firman
Year 3 TeacherMiss Jennings Teaching Assistant - Year 4Mrs O'Flynn
Year 3 TeacherMiss Williams Teaching Assistant - Year 5Mrs Barkwith
Year 4 TeacherMrs Kennedy Teaching Assistant - Year 5Mr Lees
Year 4 TeacherMrs Saunders Teaching Assistant - Year 6Mrs Louis-Jean
Year 4 TeacherMr Barrow Teaching Assistant - Year 6Mrs Speke
Year 5 TeacherMrs Guard Teaching Assistant - Year 6Mrs Mackrell
Year 5 TeacherMiss Ould-Ameur Teaching AssistantMrs Rughani
Year 6 TeacherMr Hayden Role Name
Year 6 TeacherMr Murtagh School Business ManagerMrs Bowen
1:1 TeacherMrs Bristow OfficeMrs Clark
PE TeacherMrs Seddon-Hall OfficeMrs Gladman
   OfficeMrs Pillinger
Role Name OfficeMrs Prestidge
Emotional Learning Support AssistantMrs Day Headteacher's PAMrs Grady
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Bentley Clerk To Governors'Mrs Claire Tait
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Chowdhury Site ManagerMr Correia
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Doughty   
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Eggleton Role Name
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Faris Senior Midday SupervisorMrs Anderson
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Friend Midday SupervisorMiss Ackerley
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss Gill Midday SupervisorMrs Clark
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Glover Midday SupervisorMrs Corcoran
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMs Hamrally Midday SupervisorMiss Fuller
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Hill Midday SupervisorMrs Lavelle
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Lewis Midday SupervisorMrs McGilvray
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs McDonald Midday SupervisorMrs Musiychuk
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Moore Midday SupervisorMrs Pedley
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Salter Midday Supervisor Mrs Powell
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss Varano Midday SupervisorMrs Rughani
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Vicente Midday SupervisorMrs Turnbull
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMiss West Midday SupervisorMrs Upadhyay
1:1 Learning Support AssistantMrs Winslade Midday SupervisorMrs Winslade
   Midday SupervisorMrs Wood
   Role Name
   Teachers planning coverMrs Adams
   Teachers planning coverMrs Daniel
   Teachers planning coverMrs Harris
RoleName Teachers planning coverMrs Holmwood
Breakfast Club ManagerMrs Collman Teachers planning coverMrs Rughani
Breakfast ClubMr Beard Teachers planning coverMrs Zandi
Breakfast ClubMrs Wileman