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RPCPS Guidelines

Below are some key points for parents and children to remember:


  • Please follow the staggered times for drop off and leaving school.


  • Social distancing to be maintained on the playground, exiting using the one-way system and coming promptly for drop off and pick up times is vital.


  • Walking around school using the one-way systems is required.


  • Children will be encouraged to wash/sanitise their hands regularly throughout the day.


  • Children will be encouraged to try to keep to social distancing and not touch each other.


  • If attending Breakfast Club and/or Reigate Tea Club children will be grouped in their class pod.


  • Children will remain in their class pod throughout the day.


  • At play and lunch-time a child will be in their designated pod area.


  • Children will sit in pairs, in rows, facing the front. All their exercise books, reading books and resources/equipment needed will be in front of them, thus reducing the number of items children and teachers both have to touch.


  • Please come into school in PE kit on PE days.


  • Lunchtime for both key stages is completely separate and the children either eat in their classroom or in the hall.


  • All children must remember to bring in their own named water bottles and pencil cases.


  • Please do not come into the office.  Parents can carry on using their teacher’s school email address or use:  Emails will be replied to in office hours (8.30am – 5.30pm) during term time and within 24-48 hours.