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Once Upon A...! (W/B 15th & 22nd June)

Once upon a...    ... hippopotamus!

Once upon a...    ... bouncy castle!

Once upon a...    ... jungle dream!

Once upon an...  ... ice cream!

Once upon a...    ... giant marshmallow!


Once upon an...  ... unusual lockdown week ...

... the children at Reigate Parish were invited into a two week topic full of story-telling! These stories were imaginative, creative and took them to lands where piggies built houses and girls in red hooded coats delivered baskets of apples. Some stories were jumbled up, with gingerbread men wearing glass slippers and beautiful giant sleeping at the top of a beanstalk. Some stories had never been written before - new tales in new lands with new adventures for everyone! The children read and laughed and played. They wrote and shared and occasionally became lost in their imaginative worlds. They had the best week and lived happily ever after!


Love from the teachers xx



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