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Neurodiversity Week

Celebrating Differences and Understanding Others is part of our Anti Bullying Culture at School


World Autism Acceptance Week and Celebrating Neurodiversity Week are both in March.


Below are resources to explain what is neurodiversity is and to name some of the many famous people who are neurodiverse.


Neurodiversity is based on the idea that everyone has a differently-wired brain and their own unique way of thinking and experiencing the world.


At school we know that children think, learn and process information differently and we set up lessons so that all children can learn and make secure progress in their lessons.


On our next celebrating differences / understanding others day on 24th May we will be celebrating all differences, including neurodiversity. The day aligns with and continues to strengthen our anti bullying culture where  we celebrate that everyone is different, all people are respected and everyone is safe and happy at school.