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Face The Future! (W/B 13th July)

It's the final whole school topic!! It's time to "Face the Future!"


All of the teachers are SO excited about meeting their new classes for September and getting to know you all.

We wonder how you are feeling about moving into your new class! You may have a mixture of feelings - and that's absolutely ok! 

smiley sad crying blush laugh frown


Through the school we have our insects and animals which help us to form a strong class identity and we hope you enjoy finding out about your insect or animal this week. You might like to write a letter to your new teacher telling them all about yourself and what you are looking forward to! You might like to brush up on some maths or really practice your cursive writing to impress them! 


Whatever you choose to do this week, we hope you have lots of fun!

Love from The Teachers xxx

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